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18 nouvelles punk et noires

Long hair, leather jackets and ripped jeans, the Ramones, who started in New York in 1974, are often referred to as the first punk rock band. 18 French authors pay tribute to Joey, Johnny, Tommy and Dee-Dee Ramone with as many previously unpublished short stories, in the same spirit as the previous collection London Calling, also edited by Jean-Noël Levavasseur (published in October 2009).
This time, each short story is inspired by one of the Ramones albums. Set in the year the album was released, the Ramones or their music are characters in the each tale. The book is illustrated with drawings by Hervé Bourhis (René Goscinny Award winner in 2002, author of Le Petit Livre Rock (2007)).
The volume contains a timeline of the band as an annex.

Ramones -
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  • Publication date : 17/03/2011
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