Based on the takeover of Editions Corrêa in 1936, Editions Buchet/Chastel was founded by Edmond Buchet and Jean Chastel. At the head of the publishing house until 1969, Edmond Buchet was a devoted talent scout who discovered many new French authors : Blaise Cendrars, Maurice Sachs and more. He also published established authors, including major figures in French literature, such as André Gide, Paul Valéry, Colette and others… as well as some who have since been forgotten : Charles Plisnier – Goncourt Prize of 1937, Maria Le Hardouin – Femina 1949, and classic French and foreign authors like Gustave Flaubert, Nicolas Gogol and more.

With an avant-garde spirit, and encouraged by Maurice Nadeau and his “Le Chemin de la vie” (“Path of Life”) collection, he developed a strong focus on contemporary foreign literature : Henry Miller, Lawrence Durrell, Malcolm Lowry and others, who have truly been jewels in the house’s crown for many years now. A man of taste and a true humanist, Edmond Buchet was interested not only in literature, but in music and art as well, and he successfully launched the “Musique” collection which has remained a reference in the field to this day. Alongside the literature branch, from 1970 to 1994, Guy Buchet, the founder’s son, focused on developing the non-literary collections his father had created, in addition to launching a “Spiritualité” series about yoga and Buddhist thought.

The house joined the Libella Group in 2001. Since then, it has preserved and enlarged its focus on literature : French and foreign fiction, essays and non-fiction, with a focus on music and a newly developed interest in other fields, such as ecology, in the spirit of total independence that is uniquely important to Vera and Jan Michalski, the founders of the Libella Group.

Today, some 50+ new titles a year bear witness to this renewed drive and dynamism.