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London Calling
19 + 1 histoires rock et noires

The Clash’s celebrated album, London Calling, will be 30 years old in December, 2009. 19 French authors pay tribute to it with original short stories, each one inspired by one of the 19 songs on London Calling. The result is sarcastic, breathtaking, burlesque, tragic, committed, sometimes dark and always rock ‘n roll. A way of acknowledging the evolution of detective stories; once associated with jazz, a new generation of authors has arrived, and their world is permeated with rock music: Caryl Férey, Jean-Hugues Oppel, Thierry Crifo, Pierre Mikailoff, Max Obione, Olivier Mau, Annelise Roux, Jan Thirion, Marc Villard, José-Louis Bocquet, Mouloud Akkouche, Michel Leydier, Jean-Noël Levasseur, Thierry Gatinet, Sylvie Rouch, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Frédéric Prilleux, Christian Roux, Jean-Luc Manet. The anthology is prefaced by Antoine de Caunes. Each story is preceded by a black-and-white, full-page illustration taken from a comic strip about the Clash drawn by Serge Clerc, and originally published in Métal Hurlant in 1980. A chronology of the group is presented in an annex.

London Calling -
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