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Soleil rouge

Paintings of the Red Sun hold the secret soul of Japan; Nelly Delay offers us keys to a mysterious, fugitive and fragile world in this singular anthology. Blending art history, art criticism and anecdotes, Nelly Delay doesn’t worry about schools or overly strict timelines as she recounts this art that took upon itself to create still images of an ephemeral, moving world, this genius that freed itself from the stimulating and respected Chinese matrix, to evolve, grow and assert itself, and to grant itself bold freedoms that still seem modern today, and even inspiring the work of a Jackson Pollock or an Alechinsky. This is nothing less than the first anthology of Japanese painting.
Thanks to its incomparable imagery and its lively text, Nelly Delay’s stunning book Red Sun is an invitation to marvel at everything from tombstones to green houses, from Genji to Zen: an infinity of lives. Casting a fascinating light on Nippon society through the ages. The first anthology of Japanese painting.

Soleil rouge -
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  • Publication date : 18/10/2007
  • Size : 24,8 x 31 cm, 162 p., 55,80 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-7529-0226-9
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