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Vera Kaplan
Laurent Sagalovitsch

A man in Tel Aviv receives a letter from Germany that is addressed to his late mother, several years after her death. It was sent by a lawyer in Wiesbaden, who is pleased to have tracked down the daughter of his client, Vera Kaplan, who recently took her own life.

He has sent the last will and testament of a woman haunted by her demons and worn out by life. He also encloses a terrifying document: an account of this young Jewish woman’s life in Berlin during the war. First to save her parents, then simply to stay alive, she committed the unthinkable: denouncing her fellow Jews – hundreds of them.

In this novel inspired by the life of Stella Goldschlag, Laurent Sagalovitsch stares unblinkingly at the fate of an outcast in order to paint the portrait of a victim who turned into a monster, a woman whose desire to live outweighed her conscience.

A terrifying fate served by a fast-paced tale and characters that seem to step off the page.

The diary of a victim who turned into a predator: the portrait of an uncommon Jewish woman, whose code name was blond poison.

A powerfully disturbing book that refuses to pronounce moral judgment.

A novel based on the life of Stella Goldschlag, who collaborated with the Gestapo in an attempt to save her parents and herself.

A journey deep into the hell that was 1940s Berlin, through a story that remained taboo for many years.

Vera Kaplan -
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  • Publication date : 25/08/2016
  • Size : 14 x 18 cm, 160 p., 13,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02997-8
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