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Notes pour une ombre
Jerzy Stempowski
Traduit par Jan Zielinski
Langue d'origine : Polonais

This recently discovered, hitherto unpublished short manuscript (written in French), is not unlike a diary, but with literary and political facets.
With his wide-ranging mind, the author blends reflections on morality and ethics, geo-political considerations, and esthetic opinions tinged with regret at having lost his beloved shadow, Louise.
These notes, taken between August 1940 and July 1942 in the middle of occupied Europe, are also a precious document about the atmosphere of the time, an honest man’s perspectives facing a blocked horizon, an overturned world order, and existential discouragement in the face of an uncertain future.
This intimate text reveals a complex individual in the grip of sorrow, but still able to find consolation in a peaceful fountain in the Swiss countryside, far from the stimulating effervescence of the rivers of his beloved Carpathians, which he had enjoyed with Louise.

He spares no one: neither Polish politicians of the 30s, nor the government in exile in London, the Anglo-Americans, the intellectuals or the French press. His criticism, while acknowledging nuances, hits home, with a pinch of provocation.
It is the anger of a man aware of the instability of political and economic dogma, conscious of the threats to European culture.

Notes pour une ombre -
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  • Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc
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  • Publication date : 16/04/2004
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  • ISBN 978-2-88250-122-6
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