Gilles D. Perez
  • Gilles D. Perez was born in Casablanca in 1965. His parents moved to France in 1967. He grew up and went to school first in Paris, then from the age of 11, in Madrid, where he learned Spanish and became enamored of Hispanic culture and the Spanish-speaking world. After studying philosophy at the Sorbonne, he became an assistant to Professor Racionero at Complutense, the University of Madrid. Back in France after two years of teaching in Spain, he got a teaching degree in philosophy and began a teaching career, which led him to conduct an unexpected exploration of the Paris suburbs. He started writing somewhat late in life. His first book, Le goût des abricots secs (The Taste of Dried Apricots) was published by Editions du Rouergue in January 2008. He divides his time between Paris and Buenos Aires.

Backlist of the author
  • Pour une poignée de diamants -