Jean-Pierre Luminet
  • Astrophysicist, writer, poet and musician, J.-P. Luminet is an internationally renowned specialist in black holes and cosmology. Director of Research at the CNRS (National Scientific Research Center), he has won numerous prizes, including the 2007 European Scientific Communication Prize. En 2021, he received the Kalinga Prize, which has, in the past, been awarded to Louis de Broglie, Bertrand Russell, Jean Rostand, Konrad Lorenz, Margaret Mead, Yves Coppens, Trinh Xuan Thuan and others. The Luminet asteroid was named after him to honor his work.

    He has published over a dozen essays, seven novels, and seven books of poetry, been translated into a dozen languages, and has co-directed several documentaries/has co-authored several works of non-fiction.

Backlist of the author
  • Histoires extraordinaires et insolites d’astronomes -
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