Tereska Torrès
  • At age 19, Tereska Torrès made it to London and joined the Free French Forces. She relates her war years in her diary, Une Française libre (A Free Frenchwoman, Phébus, 2000). It was also during those years that she met her husband, Georges Torrès – who died on the Alsatian front in 1944, while she was pregnant. In 1948, she married the American writer Meyer Levin (Crime, Phébus, 1999; Frankie and Johnnie, 2005). Tereska Torrès has written several novels, as well as non-fiction books like Les Maisons Hantées de Meyer Levin (Meyer Levin's Haunted House) (Phébus, 2005) et Le Choix (The Choice) (Desclée de Brouwer, 2002) about her Polish Jewish parents' conversion to Catholicism in the years leading up to the war. The author died in Paris in 2012.

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