Gaëlle Josse
  • With degrees in law, journalism and clinical psychology, Gaëlle Josse works in Paris and lives nearby. She started out as a poet. Notabilia published Le dernier gardien d’Ellis Island (The Last Guardian of Ellis Island) which had a tremendous success in 2014, won a number of literary prizes, including the European Union Prize for Literature and was translated into ten countries. In 2016 Notabilia released The Shadow of our Nights followed by A Long Impatience in 2018 (30,000 copies sold in France) and Une femme en contre-jour based upon the character of Vivian Maier.

Gaëlle Josse
Backlist of the author
  • à quoi songent-ils, ceux que le sommeil fuit? -
    Available eBook version
  • La nuit des pères -
    Available eBook version
  • Et recoudre le soleil -
  • Ce matin-là -
  • Une femme en contre-jour -
  • Une longue impatience -
  • L’Ombre de nos nuits -
  • Le Dernier Gardien d’Ellis Island -