Etienne Barilier
  • Etienne Barilier is an essayist, a novelist (Ruiz doit mourir (Ruiz Must Die), 2014 and Les Cheveux de Lucrèce (Lucretia’s Hair), 2015, both published by Buchet-Chastel) and a translator. He lives in Lausanne. His essays reflect his involvement with the philosophical debates of our times: Contre le nouvel obscurantisme (Opposing the New Obscurantism, Zoé, 1995), an essay written in defense of Enlightenment philosophy; Nous autres civilisations (We Are Our Civilizations, Zoé, 2004), a book inspired by 9/11, as well as La Chute dans le Bien (Falling Into Goodness, Zoé, 2006) and Que savons-nous du monde? (What Do We Know About the World? Zoé, 2012) which explore our relationship to the real in contemporary society, which has fallen under the yoke and the sign of the media.

Etienne Barilier
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