Emmanuel Pierrat
  • As a lawyer in Paris, I run a law office specialized in intellectual copyright by day, while at night, I let the bibliophile tendencies that I convert my royalties and legal fees into run wild.
    I frequently defend censorship cases (Houellebecq, Skorecki, etc.) and I teach about copyright and publishing law at the University of Paris XIII.
    Passionate about literature, the history of mores and censorship, I have, among others, written an essay called Sex and the Law (La Musardine). In addition, as the director of collections of curiosa for several publishers, I re-release and preface erotic books from earlier times (often banned when they were first published).
    I have written four novels: Histoire d’eaux, La course au tigre, L’industrie du sexe et du poisson pané (Le Dilettante) and Les dix gros blancs (Fayard), as well as an essay called The Joy of Living in Hell (Maren Sell Editeurs), which describes how the Hell of the National Library has become a paradise for rebels and libertines.

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