Dominique Desanti
  • When Hitler occupied Paris, I was 20 years old and already married to Jean-Toussaint Desanti. We formed a university-student Resistance group that Sartre, in 1941, turned into Socialism and Liberty, then we joined a movement controlled by the Communist Party, which would determine our future until the Budapest uprising of 1956.
    Since then, I have written hundreds of articles, taught in the United States (Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, NYU), written 28 books, including seven novels and nine biographies, such as Drieu la Rochelle, from Nazi to Dandy (Flammarion, 1978), Elsa-Aragon - Ambiguous Couple (Belfond, 1994), and Robert Desnos, the Story of a Lifetime (Mercure de France, 2002). My Marina’s Novel (Belfond, 1994) won the Femina Prize for essays. My latest novel, Witches are Mirrors weaves human passions together in the embrace of History.

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  • Les sorcières sont des miroirs -