Paul Scarron Junior
  • Andrzej Bart is a great figure in Polish literature. As a person, he does not seek publicity and avoids the media, sometimes hiding behind a pen name, but still is recognized as one of the most interesting contemporary novelists. The first edition of 'Rien ne va plus' ('Hold your bet') had to wait for the political system to change, but as soon as it was published, the book immediately won favour with the critics and the Koscielski Prize. Apart from the reissued and revised 'Rien ne va plus', Andrzej Bart has published two other novels under his own name: The man dogs did not bark at and A taste to travel. He also created the eccentric persona of Paul Scarron Junior, a pen name under which he wrote the demonic novel The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

Backlist of the author
  • Le Cinquième Cavalier de l’Apocalypse -