Fabrice Pataut
  • Fabrice Pataut was born in Paris in 1957. He lived for six years in Los Angeles where he studied philosophy at the University of California before going back to Paris in 1987.
    He has published short stories illustrated by Gilles Ghez : Cinq portraits de Lol (URDLA, 1991), Les gants aux mains d’I. (Manière Noire, 1996) and Le Rhin (Manière Noire, 2002), as well as a personal essay on the painter Roland Sirletti (Sirletti, Alessandro Vivas Éditions, 1996). Some of his short stories have been collected and published in portuguese translation (As Ostras e outros Contos, Livros do Brasil, 2000) before they were published in France, first by the Éditions du Rocher (Vidéos, 2003), and more recently by Buchet/Chastel (Trouvé dans une poche, 2005). His first novel, Aloysius, was published by Buchet/Chastel in 2001 ; a second one followed in 2003 : Tennis, socquettes et abandon (Buchet/Chastel).
    He is also the author of a philosophical essay : Realism, Decidability and the Past (UMI, 1996) and has edited a collective volume devoted to the new library of Alexandria, with essays by Luciano Canfora, Jean-Yves Empereur, Gamal Ghitany and Alberto Manguel (La nouvelle bibliothèque d’Alexandrie, Buchet/Chastel, 2003). He is now working on two novels, one in French and the other in English

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