"The Uncertain Manifesto" available in the US !

    The first volume of Frédéric Pajak’s widely-acclaimed series has just been published in the United States by the New York Review of Books.

    World-English rights of "Le dernier gardien d’Ellis Island"

    World Editions bought world-English rights of Gaëlle Josse’s novel, "Le dernier gardien d’Ellis Island".

    Claude Schopp’s book featured in the New York Times !

    "The origin of the World. The Model’s Life" in which Claude Schopp reveals the identity of the model who posed for Courbet’s controversial painting, is featured in the New York Times :

    "De terre et de mer" by Sophie van der Linden available in German

    "De terre et de mer" by Sophie van der Linden has just been published by Mareverlag in Germany

    "Le dernier gardien d’Ellis Island" in Spanish in October

    El Atico de los Libros will release the Spanish edition of "Le Dernier gardien d’Ellis Island" in October.

    Swedish deal for "Une longue impatience"

    Swedish rights of Gaëlle Josse’s novel have been acquired by Elisabeth Grate Bokförlag. The novel is planned for next Fall.