Hebrew deal for ’La Mise à nu"

    Hebrew rights of Jean-Philippe Blondel’s forthcoming novel have just been sold to Keter Books.

    World-English rights of "La Mise à nu"

    A first deal has been signed for Jean-Philippe Blondel’s forthcoming novel with New Vessel Press.

    Third deal for "Nos vies" by Marie-Hélène Lafon

    After Poland and Spain, Swedish translation rights of "Nos vies" by Marie-Hélène Lafon have just been sold to Grate Bokförlag which will publish it next spring.

    Japanese deal for "Danseuse-étoile"

    Japanese translation rights of "Danseuse-étoile" by Gérard Mannoni have been sold to Sekai Bunkasha which will publish it in February.

    German deal for "Le coeur à l’aiguille"

    German translation rights of Claire Gondor’s debut novel have just been sold to Wagenbach : the book will be published next Spring in Germany.

    Chinese rights at aunction for "Dumas fils ou l’anti-Oedipe"

    Chinese translation rights of the Goncourt Prize of Biography have been won by The Commercial Press.