Seven deals for Maryse Condé’s new novel

    Translation rights of "L’Evangile du Nouveau Monde" by Maryse Condé have already been sold to the US, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil and The Netherlands.
    Buchet Chastel will publish the novel in August in France.
    Maryse Condé hast just received the prestigious Cino del Duca Prize for her whole work.

    International award for "La petite dernière" !

    Fatima Daas received the prestigious Internationaler Literaturpreis for "La Petite dernière" published on May 3rd by Claassen Verlag together with her translator, Sina de Malafosse.
    Her debut novel was sold in 10 territories.

    Dostoievski by Julia Kristeva

    After Donzelli which published "Dostoievski" in Italy, Columbia University Press will publish Julia Kristeva’s essay in the United States.

    Goncourt Prize for Biography to Frédéric Pajak

    The Goncourt Prize for Biography has just been awarded to Frédéric Pajak for the seventh volume of the Uncertain Manifesto series.