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Retour à Marx
Pour une société post-capitaliste
Yvon Quiniou

The free-market economy tends to impose intellectual hegemony, in order to sap all hope in an alternative to capitalism. Yet capitalism is undeniably in crisis. If we want to end economic exploitation, political domination and alienation, both collective and individual, isn’t communism the solution? But exactly what form of communism are we talking about?
Going back to Marx doesn’t mean going back to the Soviet system, which essentially failed, having abandoned the idea of democracy, even though it is primordial to true Communism. The idea here is to revive the communist project as Marx conceived it, in a context of developed capitalism. Because the context created by capitalism reaching its apex is a necessary condition for making this transition possible. In this sense, communism never really failed because it was never actually to be found at any point in the 20th century. Yvon Quiniou’s proposal is aimed at rehabilitating the communist project as Marx conceived it, as a system profoundly steeped in humanism, which finance-oriented capitalism is painfully short on.
History hasn’t stumbled. The future is still ours for the making.

A political essay that is both resolutely committed to defending Marx’s communism and rigorously presented in theoretical terms, this book is also an impassioned contribution to current ideological debate. It defends the communist project that was never truly achieved. It shows the project’s modern side and in what ways it can be a reasonable alternative to finance-dominated capitalism which, as it totters from crisis to crisis, may lead us into the worst possible system.

Retour à Marx -
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  • Publication date : 07/03/2013
  • Size : 14 x 20,5 cm, 176 p., 15,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02664-9
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