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Mix & Remix

Mix & Remix keeps everyone laughing with his instantly identifiable minimalist style, his jokes that come from everything from classic burlesque to the most ordinary situations in daily life. Now, after the success of his last book, Gags, he is offering us a chance to laugh even harder, at everything: others, ourselves, him… at the office, at home, alone or with friends and lovers. In fact, in this book, in a succession of gags and colored or pen-and-ink comic strips, Mix & Remix laughs above all at love, that endless subject of human comedy.
The book has been prefaced by Frédéric Beigbeder, whose column in Lire magazine Mix & Remix has been illustrating for years.

Regags -
  • Les Cahiers dessinés
  • Beaux Livres-Albums
  • Publication date : 11/10/2012
  • Size : 17 x 23 cm, 160 p., 19,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 979-10-90875-08-1
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