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Martha Argerich
L'enfant et les sortilèges
Olivier Bellamy
Born in Buenos Aires in 1941, Martha Argerich began playing the piano in Argentina, at age 3, before studying with Vincenzo Scaramuzza. At age 7, she performed two concertos – one by Mozart and one by Beethoven. In 1955, she moved to Europe to study with Friedrich Gulda in Vienna. At age 16, Martha Argerich won two first prizes in a row, at the Bolzano and Geneva competitions. Her 1965 International Chopin Competition victory in Warsaw definitively established her legend. From then on, her career went from triumph to triumph… interspersed with periods of doubt and self-questioning. A permanent guest with the world’s most prestigious orchestras, she performed a great number of concerts as well as making many recordings. In the early 80s, needing love more than admiration, she stopped performing solo and devoted herself more and more to chamber music with a few friends and young protégés.
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