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Libérons-nous de la douleur
Les nouvelles techniques pour sortir du scandale de la douleur et du tout-médicament

Lumbago, neuralgia, endometriosis, arthritis and more… In France, pain is the most common reason for seeing a doctor. Chronic pain affects 14 million people in France, and 70 percent of them believe that they are not getting sufficient relief!

The opioid crisis and the advent of therapeutic cannabis got a lot of hype in the media, while other new, non-medicinal modes of treatment, including meditation, hypnosis, cognitive therapies, music therapy and more, are still little known, despite having been scientifically proven as providing exceedingly desirable effects. Neuro-modulation (electrical stimulation of the skin, nerves, spinal cord and brain) also offers innovative therapeutic resources, while, alas, being almost unheard of and not reimbursed by the national health system.

Why are people still suffering from pain in the modern world, and why will they be suffering more and more? What makes this plague as social as it is medical? Why does morphine pose such troublesome problems to public health? How can we explain the exaggerated appeal of cannabis? Why have no new pain-killers been discovered in the last thirty years? What are the benefits of non-medicinal therapies? How can we prevent pain?

With tremendous clarity, Dr. Marc Lévêque answers those questions, explains how both pain-killers and these new techniques affect the body, contributing to this crucial debate and revealing alternative solutions that are now available to everyone who is in pain.

Libérons-nous de la douleur -
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  • Publication date : 17/03/2022
  • Size : 14 x 20,5 cm, 240 p., 18,50 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-03507-8
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