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Le Masque et les plumes
Cookie Allez

Turn into somebody else, change your destiny with the wave of a magic wand… who has never dreamed of that ?
Atilio Cereghetti, last-born son of a family in which conquering the alphabet represents a victory comparable to a cripple climbing the Everest, has become the taciturn professor of literature whom his students nickname Attila. Eternally unsatisfied, with an eternal desire for revenge on the world and on his parents, Atilio wants more, and above all, he wants to be famous. Exasperated at not having become quickly ensconced as the writer of the century, he tries an experiment one day, and metamorphoses into Lucas Malley, author of a series of airport novels describing the loves and torments of the beautiful young Camille. And he finds success. Immediate. Unbelievable. A success that will cause a lot of damage…
Playing games with reality, playing with light and shadow, The Mask and the Plumes tells the tale of people trying their best to turn into characters. Cookie Allez’s pen, weaving a fine canvas and embroidering dramatic silences, is perfectly recognizable. For her sad truth (ever since The President’s Belly is still our incapacity of loving or of believing ourselves to be lovable. Mistress in the art of creating characters, here Cookie Allez plays with masks, plumes and mirrors!

Every one is dual. In our society, where success is essential, you have to wear a mask to cover up your weaknesses or to give yourself airs. But the mask often only reveals the original all the better. And the irony is that once you’re safely ensconced behind your mask, you often become its prisoner… Such is the tale of Atilio Cereghetti.

Le Masque et les plumes -
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  • Buchet/Chastel
  • Littérature française
  • Publication date : 02/09/2005
  • Size : 11,5 x 19,0 cm, 220 p., 12,15 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02062-3
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