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La véridique histoire des compteurs à air

A prophetic tale that describes a not-quite-imaginary world in which humans wear breathing machines with meters (like a gas meter or a parking meter) practically grafted onto their backs. A school child steps out of his house, walks through the good side of town, and heads towards the factories where a protest has broken out over the rising price of air. The book switches from black-and-white to color, then eventually comes back to black-and-white. A precise and carefully drawn book that spools out page by page, almost like a film. In fact, The True Story of the Air Meters started out as an idea for an animated film. The wide-screen effect of the landscape layout adds to the impression of movement and allows room for the urban and industrial landscapes to be fully developed. Cardon is an cartoonist who hasn’t always gotten the attention he deserves in the press – out of lack of room or daring. Still, his style is immediately recognizable every week in Le Canard enchaîné: he is the only caricaturist who draws politicians from behind.

La véridique histoire des compteurs à air -
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  • Publication date : 09/02/2012
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  • ISBN 978-2-283-02521-5
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