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J’écris pour voir
Christian Dotremont

Aside from a selection of his works, this volume proposes many rare documents, including Alechinsky’s extraordinarily moving photographs of Christian Dotremont in the old-age home where he chose to live out the last 10 years of his life. J’ecris pour voir is presented in the Cahiers dessinés collection, as a first approach to the complex relationship between writing and drawing. The book will be available in several museums in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Quebec, where it will be the official catalogue. Christian Dotremont died in 1979. Born in Belgium in 1922, he was, along with Asger Jorn and Karel Appel, one of the founders of the artists’ group COBRA. He became famous for inventing logograms, texts drawn in an intimate and spontaneous interaction between verbal imagination and graphic upheaval of the alphabet. Pierre Alechinsky, who was his friend and a member of COBRA, has produced a major new portrait of this indefinable, productive and totally original artist.

J’écris pour voir -
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  • Publication date : 24/09/2004
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