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It’s funny how things are sometimes. When you first get here, you wouldn’t think you were going to stay for long. But time goes by, and you’re still here, this simple truth is pointed out by the receptionist at the high school where Monsieur Blondel has been teaching for so long. Not only has he spent 20 years in the same school, but even in the same room: G229. The room was assigned to him permanently, although the other teachers change rooms for each class. So you can’t help becoming attached to this classroom, with its tables arranged in a U-shape, like for a banquet, to make it easier to talk to each other, and to create a warmer atmosphere…

A far cry from the catastrophic announcements one usually hears about the state of schools and teaching, Jean-Philippe Blondel paints a charming portrait of his profession. Readers will recognize themes dear to the author’s heart: bridging the generation gap, the fact that – willy-nilly – we share living space and make connections.
Education, teaching, the passage of time, relations between teachers, students and parents, Jean-Philippe Blondel is passionate about his profession.

Teaching feeds his literature, and literature feeds his teaching. In both cases, it’s all about living life. That’s the optimistic message the author of Baby-sitter transmits with an almost activist passion to those who have lost faith in today’s school system.

An open letter from a teacher who still believes in education!

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  • Publication date : 06/01/2011
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  • ISBN 978-2-283-02478-2
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