Yann Kerninon
  • Yann Kerninon, 43, has already had five essays published. Tentative d’assassinat du bourgeois qui est en moi (An Attempt to Assassinate My Inner Bourgeois) won the 2009 Essay Prize and was translated in India. Vers une libération amoureuse (Towards a Liberation of Love), published in 2012, was warmly received by the critics.

    In addition to writing, Yann Kerninon is involved in a wide range of professional activities. The head of 'Expérience Terrain' the internship program at ESSEC, he sends 800 students a year to work in factories, homeless shelters, schools in underprivileged neighborhoods, homes for the disabled and more. He has also been a professional magician for 20 years. An amateur long-distant cyclist, he has been writing a column called philo vélo (Spinning My Wheels or bike philosophy) in the magazine 200. And finally, he is the founder and leader of the parody heavy-metal group Cannibal Penguin, which performs regularly.

Yann Kerninon
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  • Tentative d’assassinat du bourgeois qui est en moi -
  • Sauver le monde -
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