Frédéric Pajak
  • Frédéric Pajak was born in 1955, in the Hauts-de-Seine, outside of Paris. He is the author of nearly two dozen books – most of which he both drew and wrote, including Le Chagrin d’amour (Heartache); Humour — Une Biographie de James Joyce; Nietzsche et son père (Nietzche and His Father). He is also the editor of the Cahiers dessinés collection.

    Following L’Étrange Beauté du monde (The Strange Beauty of the World) and En souvenir du monde (Remembering the World) as well as a new edition of L’Immense Solitude and the first eight volumes of the Uncertain Manifesto, Éditions Noir sur Blanc has stayed true to this multi-award-winning author. In addition to the 2014 Médicis Essay Prize for the Uncertain Manifesto 3, in 2019 he won the Goncourt Prize for Biography for the Uncertain Manifesto 7, about Emily Dickinson and Marina Tsetaeva.

Frédéric Pajak
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