Michel Tournier
  • I was born in Paris on December 19, 1924. Having studied Literature and Law, I became a columnist for Les Nouvelles Litteraires, Le Figaro and Le Monde. In 1967 I wrote, Friday which won the Académie Française’s French Novel Grand Prix. Later came The Ogre (1972), awarded a Goncourt Prize, Friday and Robinson (1973), Gemini (1975), Le vent Paraclet (1977), Le coq de bruyère (1978) and The Four Wise Men (1980). Thirteen other novels followed, including Extimate Journal, published in 2002. I have also been a member of the Académie Goncourt since 1972.
    With Happiness in Germany? published by Maren Sell Editeurs (2004), I wanted to relate my intimate ties with Germany, and, more broadly, to draw the wealth, the strength, and also the weakness and paradox of the secular mosaic of Europe.

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  • Le Bonheur en Allemagne ? -