Sebastian Danchin
  • A dual passion for history and music have inspired the career of this Doctor of Letters – author of a thesis on ethnomusicology about the blues milieu in the ghettos of Chicago, where he spent several years as a musician.
    For the past 25 years, Sebastian Danchin has been involved in the worlds of radio, television, records, books and show business (as a programmer for the Nice Jazz Festival since 2001), and has achieved recognition as an internationally renowned specialist in Black America and popular southern music.
    This background lead him to investigate the fate of Elvis Presley, about whom he recently wrote a definitive biography ('Elvis Presley or the South’s Revenge', Fayard 2004) focussing on Presley’s impact on American society of his time.
    Having contributed to Martin Scorsese’s recent series The Blues, he is currently working with director Alain Corneau on a film about an African-American church in Texas.

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