Ingrid Thobois
  • Born in Rouen in 1980, Ingrid Thobois is a novelist and a globetrotter. Since her early 20s, she has taught French in Afghanistan, reported from Iran and Haiti, and participated in development and electoral-observation missions in Indonesia, RDC, Moldavia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and elsewhere… The author of four novels: Le roi d’Afghanistan ne nous a pas mariés (2007 First Novel Prize), L’Ange anatomique (2008), Sollicciano (2011) and Le Plancher de Jeannot (2015), she also writes for children and young adults.

Ingrid Thobois
Backlist of the author
  • L’Ange anatomique -
  • Le roi d’Afghanistan ne nous a pas mariés -
  • Miss Sarajevo -
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  • Le Plancher de Jeannot -