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Extermination des cloportes
Philippe Ségur

Aside from his passion for his wife, Betty, Don Dechine has one purpose in life: writing. The thing is though, that it isn’t easy to write a sensational novel when you teach at a high school and after the day’s indignities, you still have to deal with an obnoxious neighbor, the annoyances of apartment living, tax harassment and parking tickets. So how could anyone blame him for spending his evenings watching all seven seasons of The Sopranos? But that’s not going to help make him rich and famous either.

There is one possible solution: walk away from the rat-race and go to live in the countryside. As Don Dechine says, you can’t really produce a masterpiece unless you’re out in the country. And soon, equipped with invincible confidence and a sense of humor, Betty and he will go on a quest for the ideal house, try to get rid of their unsellable apartment and get lost in the ruthless and mysterious world of real estate.

And so begin the adventures of a future literary giant who wakes up one morning with a wood bug in his eye!

In a society in crisis, a man dreams of a better life, despite everything.

Extermination des cloportes -
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  • Buchet/Chastel
  • Littérature française
  • Novel
  • Publication date : 03/01/2017
  • Size : 14 x 20,5 cm, 288 p., 18,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02975-6
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