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Dessins, gouaches et aquarelles
Précédé de Queneau et la peinture, par Dominique Charnay
Raymond Queneau, Dominique Charnay

Editions Buchet Chastel presents little-known or hitherto-unpublished works by Queneau in the Artist’s Notebooks collection. Encompassing a series of 150 drawings, gouaches and documents, this volume is an invitation to discover an illustrated treasure reserved until now for a lucky few.

For the first time in print, here is Raymond Queneau going for a stroll with his crayons and paintbrushes. Inventing a game of smoke and mirrors that goes beyond words, Queneau expresses himself with exceptional spontaneity and originality.

In a well-documented study, Dominique Charnay describes the writer’s playful vocation and explores his relationships with several artists of his time, his encounters, friendships and critical choices. Among his distinguished guests: Joan Miro, Jean Dubuffet, André Masson, Gaston Chaissac and Enrico Baj.

Dessins, gouaches et aquarelles -
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  • Les Cahiers dessinés
  • Beaux Livres-Albums
  • Publication date : 12/09/2003
  • 192 p., 28,40 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-01950-4
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