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Des coccinelles dans des noyaux de cerise
Nan Aurousseau

In prison, where he’s been sent for fraud, François shares a cell with Medhi, a big time gang leader. Medhi is the real thing. In fact, he entirely ignores François, for whom he has nothing but disdain. François on the other hand, is all sweetness and light. He bends over backwards, becoming Medhi’s naïve and zealous servant. Until his diabolically Machiavellian plan is gradually revealed…

Des coccinelles dans des noyaux de cerise is a fast-paced police procedural. Nan Aurousseau speaks knowledgably about the criminal-justice system, and paints a humorous and nerve-wracking portrait of an uncommon killer.

A serial killer’s bloody path. Black humor guaranteed.

Des coccinelles dans des noyaux de cerise -
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  • Buchet/Chastel
  • Littérature française
  • Novel
  • Publication date : 03/01/2017
  • Size : 11,5 x 19,0 cm, 224 p., 15,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02963-3
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