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Au nom du vivant
Plaidoyer pour réconcilier l'homme et la nature
Robert Barbault

A posthumous book by one of the most respected French ecologists, who has left us with a limpid, convincing appeal to help us reconcile with nature – our true nature – and thus to build a different future. Human beings are part of nature, just like the other mammals, the insects, plants, etc. For millions of years, various organisms have been evolving and adapting – sometimes they have competed with each other, but more often they have cooperated. There lies the main reason for the remarkable success of the living world. As many concrete examples show, although tension and conflict between species do exist, nature is above all a place of exchange, mutual assistance and cooperation. But the growing impact of one particular species – our own – has thrown this delicate balance out of whack: humans have  become a threat to the planet and all of its inhabitants, themselves included. Yet it is not too late to change course! By acknowledging the fact that we are all part of the same community, renewing ecological solidarity and reconciling ourselves with the world of the living we can save it: so let’s reconcile with nature, because it’s our true nature!

No, nature isn’t just a jungle of individuals competing in a struggle for survival; it is above all a place of mutual assistance and cooperation. And human beings are a part of that, too. Although men have the power to threaten and destroy nature’s delicate balance, they can also reverse the trend by agreeing to reconcile with the world of the living. A posthumous appeal from one of the most respected ecologists of our time.

Au nom du vivant -
  • Buchet/Chastel
  • Écologie
  • Essay
  • Publication date : 02/10/2014
  • 128 p., 9,99 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-02850-6
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