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Après le monde
Antoinette Rychner

November 2022: An unprecedentedly powerful tornado ravages the west coast of the United States. Unable to pay off all the claims, America’s biggest insurance companies go bankrupt, bringing the American financial system down with them, and eventually the whole world’s. No more money, no more energy grid, no more communication network, a series of climate catastrophes… In a few short months, the world as we know it disappears.? Antoinette Rychner drew on collapsology theory to compose her novel, which switches between the adventures of a group of people trying to survive in a society that has been condemned to inventing a new logic, often at the price of barbarity; and the epic,a multi-authored poem woven by two women that retraces – in the first person plural – the events that led to and have followed in the wake of the catastrophe. Is humanism the prerogative of well-functioning societies only? Or is it possible in the midst of chaos and disaster to invent new ways to live in the world and to get along with each other?

2022: After a climate catastrophe in the United States, the American financial system collapses, taking the whole of industrialized civilization down with it in just a few short months. A collapsology novel that, although it is bleak, resists despair, as it follows a group of characters in their frantic attempts both to survive and to reinvent themselves.

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  • Publication date : 03/01/2020
  • Size : 14 x 18 cm, 288 p., 18,00 EUR €
  • ISBN 978-2-283-03325-8
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